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I bought my first puppy in 2012 from Doug asvi had previously posted. I went back in 2013 and bought another one. If I ever choose to buy another dog I will again return to Doug.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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D And B Terriers - Very Unprofessional Business


dandbterriers.com Doug and Betty Siezmore in Felicity Ohio. I had spoken with Doug about purchasing a puppy for my daughter.

This was to be our first pet. I told Doug that we would be there the next morning to pick the puppy up. He said he would hold it. I then began texting and asking a number of questions about the characteristics of the Morkie we were about to buy.

Since we were not familiar with that breed or ever having a dog. I had some basic questions. Was it paper trained, did it bark a lot, how old was the puppy, what is the average life span for that breed, are they a lap dog breed and what type of food for this breed of puppy. I received a text back saying puppy chow and 10 to 15 years life depending on how you take care of it.

It asked for the answers to the other questions 2 more times nothing. Then I asked a 3 time and got a text back "ok what's that" This was over about a 6 hour span. I then asked the same questions again and still did not receive all the answers. At that point I realized that I was having second doubts about purchasing from them since he acted like he was put out to answer my questions.

I thought about it longer and still felt the same and text him back explaining I would not be coming after the puppy in the morning after all. Doug responded by saying "I thought that. That's why we don't hold puppies. I should have sold her today" he offered to hold her I never asked him.

I then explained my feeling why I changed my mind and that I had to go with my gut feeling and how he seemed put out with my questions. His final response was "don't text me anymore go some where else and ask your dumb questions because I know you are full of S--t" I realized at that point that I had made the right decision following my gut feeling on him.

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My daughter has bought two schnauzer's from the sizemores and we have been extremely pleased with both of them! Keep up the good work.

Walbridge, Ohio, United States #968448

We love our D & B Schnauzer! Our mailman asked where we got her because she is so sweet he wants one...a mailman!

They usually dislike dogs, with good reason, my father-in-law delivered mail for over 30 years, I have heard the stories! I just would like to take a moment to defend what I believe to be EXCEPTIONAL dog breeders.


I bought a white miniature Schnauzer from Doug last April. We drove all the way from St Louis overnight.

I let Doug know we were coming along way. He was professional, answered my questions and concerns. The dog is great such a little character and very well socialized, Schnauzers can be mean but this little fella has a fan club he is so darn cute.

I think Doug is a busy man and does not sit at his computer all day and wait for his phone to ring. I would buy from him again, in fact people are asking me where i got my puppy from all of the time as he is so social.


I have been to Doug's place and he takes excellent care of his animals. The kennels are clean and there is lots of room for the dogs. The animals are socialized.

No one wants their time wasted by ignorant people and anonymous seems to fit that bill.


I have spoke to Doug many times over the phone. We then puchased a puppy from him,and I would like to tell everyone that Doug is a professional man.So I would like to tell you that your gut feeling about him is dead wrong.


Mr.anonymous you were smart enough to make this web site up but you are not smart enough to take care of a puppy.What does that have to say about you?


At first, this person contacted me by phone asking me about the Morkie. I was glad he contacted me and was interested.

I told him everything about the puppy (that is, the type of food and nature of the puppy -- I answered all of his questions). He then asked me to hold the puppy for one day. I agreed. Then the next afternoon, I began receiving text messages with the same questions I had previously answered the day before of which I replied by text.

Then, he text me again that evening with the exact same questions. At this point, I didn’t respond due to the fact that I had told him about the puppy by phone and by text. I felt I had already responded to him in a professional and informative manner. Then, at 1:00 in the morning he text me indicating he wouldn’t be coming to buy the puppy.

By this point, I felt I was being harrassed and told him not to contact me anymore. We are proud to say that our Morkie went to a wonderful home in Indiana to a precious 5 year old girl that dearly loves her.


I bred and raised Schnauers - a person asking those dumb questions when considering my pups would have been walked of the property without one of my dogs - did he ask simiilar questions about his kids when they were born- definitely do your homework about the dog - the puppy you get is your kid - train it and by all means love it!


No, the story seems right. Bottom line: follow your gut feeling. Agree about shelter dogs being the BEST!


I call this story bogus. If you want a dog then go to sehlter where they're reputable.

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